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Yukata vs Kimono: What’s the Difference?

Yukata vs Kimono: What’s the Difference?

Kimono and Yukata are traditional Japanese garments that have charmed their way around the world due to their beauty and style. Both are full-lengt...
Kamon: Japanese family crests-novmtl

Kamon: Japanese family crests

Mon (紋), also monshō (紋章), mondokoro (紋所), and kamon (家紋), are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual, a family, or (more rec...
Introduction to Types of Obi-novmtl

Introduction to Types of Obi

Obi is the belt that is worn over a kimono or yukata. The history of the Obi is said to be older than that of kimono, and for samurai, it is a plac...
Men's Japanese Kimono-novmtl

Men's Japanese Kimono

There are many different types of kimono for men. The very informal type is called Yukata. It is made of cotton and worn mainly to Festivals/Matsur...
Different Types of Kimono for women-novmtl

Different Types of Kimono for women

The kimono is perhaps the most iconic item of traditional Japanese clothing. Literally meaning "thing to wear" (着物), its roots can be traced back t...