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dragon tiger t shirt
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Tiger & Dragon embroidery T-Shirt (Black) - novmtl

Tiger & Dragon embroidery T-Shirt (Black)

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The Dragon vs Tiger are represents the balance of power. Both are the Buddhist Symbols which refers to two spirits so wildly different and yet at the same time similar mortal enemies intricately linked together by destiny. The tiger is a fierce symbol, commonly associated with the concept of yin, that is feared, while the dragon is an auspicious symbol that connotes prosperity, and is associated with the concept of yang.Tiger embroidery on the back)

100% Cotton

Asian sizes tend to run smaller compared to US sizes. Please make sure that these actual measurements will fit you.

Size L: Chest 20.5" (52cm)   Length 30" (76cm)   Shoulder 19" (48cm)

Size 2XL: Chest 23" (58cm)   Length 31.5" (80cm)   Shoulder 20.5" (52cm)