What are the 10 Occasions to Wear Japanese Kimono?

Kimono is a type of traditional Japanese clothing people wear with various accessories. Japanese people generally wear it as formal wear and on special occasions with an obi belt. Kimonos are usually quite expensive; they also must be fitted properly and are somewhat difficult to put on. It is an important part of Japanese rituals, ceremonies, and celebrations. 

Nowadays, people from all around the world fall in love with kimono and wear them on various occasions:


Schichigosan is a day on which people celebrate lucky ages for boys and girls.  All families dress up and gather at a local shrine for a brief ceremony and have a family party after. This day, children in Japan wear kimono for the first time when they are 3, 5, or 7 years old.

Graduation Ceremony

We all wear special formal wear at University and college graduation ceremonies. This is the time when Japanese people, especially women wear hakama with Kimonos. Because Hakama with Kimono is formal wear that school teachers and professors traditionally wear. 


The bride and groom wear kimono at their traditional weddings. In some cases, the bride and groom wear it at the wedding party instead of the wedding day. Its top layer is known as Uchikake followed by layers of white and the bottom layer of a bridal kimono is often red silk.


At Shinto weddings, the grooms in japan typically wear a dark single-color kimono with five family crests usually called a kurotomesode. It is the simplest form of kimono but looks elegant.

Wedding Guests

Wedding guests can wear kimono at both western and Shinto-style weddings. The parents of the bride or groom can also wear black or any dark color kimono at their son or daughter’s wedding. Also, young unmarried women prefer to wear bright color furisode and older guests generally wear dark-solid color Kimonos.


You may know that black formal kimonos are worn by Japanese people at funerals. Both men and women have to attend funerals in black suits.  Generally, women purchase black kimono which is designed in such a way to wear at funerals.

Most importantly, this is the only time when people wear kimono with the right side crossed over the left. This type of wearing symbolizes bad luck in life.


Japanese restaurants often have a dress code for management, chefs, and workers. The dress code is common for staff and guests, they have to wear kimono in fancy restaurants that are famous for traditional Japanese food.

Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony is a cultural activity in Japan, it is considered a perfect humble act of preparing, serving, and appreciating tea. When Japanese people participate actively in tea ceremonies, they need to wear Kimono. Even men who rarely wear kimono are expected to wear one at tea ceremonies. Moreover, guests with no active role in the ceremony beyond drinking tea can wear a casual dress.

Music Performances

The traditional musical performance is considered as a formal event and kimono is like a formal suit for such events. A black kimono with family crests is typically worn as a tuxedo.

Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo Wrestlers wear kimonos or yukata in public. They tend to wear simple Yukata which is something like a hastily thrown-on bathrobe.

Conclusion: - Kimono is traditional Japanese clothing worn by people all over the world. It is famous formal wear that Japanese people wear at tea ceremonies, funerals, weddings by the bride, groom, and guests, as a dress code at restaurants and sumo wrestlers also wear it as formal wear. For a variety of Kimonos, you can visit the online store of NOVMTL.

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