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Haori Jacket have been worn by Japanese people for centuries. Its legacy keeps them a part of the Japanese culture and tradition, it has a fascinating history behind it. Also, it is often paired with a kimono or Hakata. Nowadays, there are many people prefer to wear it with a contemporary style such as pairing it with a shirt and jeans.

Haori is considered perfect for adding a touch of glamour or a splash of color to your any outfit. And, you can easily replace it with your Jacket on warmer days.

Here we will discuss more about this fascinating garment, about how to select a haori jacket.

What is a Haori?

Haori is a Japanese traditional jacket with an open and loose fit. They range in different lengths from mid-thigh to hip length. Unlike kimono, you don’t need to wear an obi with it.

The Haori jacket’s outer layer is usually made of silk and lined in silk or cotton. Haori can be worn by both men and women. There are some slight differences in both styles. For men’s haori, it is usually plain on the outside but highly decorated from the inside.

How to Wear Haori Jacket?

You can wear Haori easily because it’s of loose-fitting. Many ladies also wear it with a sleeveless dress. You can try it with thick winter jumpers, layers of kimono, or any other outfits.

If you want to purchase an haori, you should choose it according to your own style in terms of how decorated or bright you want it to be and the length should be considered as well.

You can give yourself a decent look by pairing your haori with jeans or leggings and a shirt. To get an elegant look, wear it over a long dress. Haori is very versatile when it comes to wearing it with different styles of outfits to look cool as well as classy and unique.

What to look for while buying an Haori?

There are various things to consider before buying an Haori, the first thing to check is the quality. Check the quality of the fabric, stitching as well as the current condition of the piece properly. Modern Haori is usually made from polyester or cotton. If you want a silk piece you should look for vintage Haori.

In short, inspect it carefully before buying. You should keep this thing in mind that silk can’t be washed, so you need to choose the color of your Haori accordingly while buying.

Where to Buy Haori Jackets?

Brand new and even vintage Haori may cost you a fortune, but to get an affordable range of Japanese clothing such as Haori, Kimono, tabi socks, etc. Keep an eye on the NOVMTL Online store for beautiful and the best quality handpicked pieces. These Haori Jackets with beautiful motifs and bright colors can truly be called wearable art and will become your wardrobe staple.

An Antidote to Fast Fashion

Kimono has always been very expensive due to its luxurious fabric and the  craftsmanship that goes into each piece. As a result, they are passed down through the generations until they wear out. When they can no longer be worn, the fabric is recycled to create all manner of accessories or lifestyle items. It is also considered one of the most sustainable forms of fashion.

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