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Crew Socks | Mismatched Socks - Stationery

Crew Socks | Mismatched Socks - Stationery

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Each pair is mismatched on purpose. Colorful life begins with these vibrant and lively socks! 

Our socks are made of high quality combed cotton (80%), durable polyamide (15%) and elastan (5%) to make socks comfortable. Combing cotton is a way to make the clothing fabric feel more exclusive, stronger, and softer through a highly developed production process. The products made from combed cotton are especially suitable for sensitive skin since they provide a softer feel and are generally gentler. 

Our socks are meant for both men and women and that makes them the best gift for any occasion. 

One Size Fits Most





5 - 11

6 - 12


35 - 41

39 - 45


3 - 9

5.5 - 11.5


Machine wash cold. Do not bleach or iron the socks. To reduce damage, line dry. They will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.