What Should I Pair with Haori Jackets?

Haori is a traditional Japanese jacket with a simple yet elegant look.  If you are into Japanese fashion, you should know that Haori has become a must-have Japanese clothing.

It’s very versatile and can easily go with other garments.

What is Haori?

Haori is a hip-length jacket with swinging sleeves. It is made with lovely fabrics and has an intricate design on its back. Japanese people usually wear haori over their kimono. These jackets have become very popular all around the world, an obi or sash is not required, you can simply wear it open with a T-shirt underneath. Haori is the perfect choice if you want to add a personal touch to your look. If you are a style enthusiast, it is important to diversify. Let’s go through some other aspects of the Haori.

How to Pair Haori with other Clothes?

Pair them with shirts

Mostly, Haori’s for women come with bright and bold patterns. On the other hand, Haori for men is usually of dark colors such as black and navy blue.  Pick a plain neutral t-shirt or blouse to place underneath it. Wear the Haori jacket over the plain shirt so the shirt doesn’t take the attention away from the beautiful pattern and colors.

Pair them with jeans

Jeans is a favorite of many people. Pair them with a Haori for a clean, casual look. Haori is also versatile and look great with any pants. Choose a contrasting neutral shade of pants and a matching button up. For example, you can pair a black haori with grey pants and a solid shirt in white, blue, or even purple.

Carefully choose the color of jeans that match perfectly, wearing Haori with jeans brings a casual vibe which is perfect for going shopping or dining with friends.

Pair them with shorts

Some Haori jackets are lightweight and you can undoubtedly wear it with shorts in spring or summer. Wear shorts with bright-colored haori. Stay comfortable and stylish at the same time!


Pair them with long skirts 

If you don’t like skinny jeans or yoga pants, go with a maxi skirt or a knee-length skirt. Both of these skirts work well with the long haori jacket since they will fall below the hem of the jacket and they would create a soft and elegant look.

Pair them with sweaters

Haori is a great garment for chiller days, as they are oversized, it is easy to wear them on top of sweaters and cardigans. To create a fashionable and cozy winter look, maybe pair it with boots and a knit hat.

Pair them with dresses

Haori's can be dressed up to wear to formal occasions. Most traditional haori's are made of high-quality fabrics with beautiful designs. Put on a haori with a simple dress, like a plain black dress. You can go bold, like pairing a red haori with a black dress, or keep it simple with a black haori.


Haori is a beautiful Japanese jacket having the power to enhance your overall look. You can wear it with shorts, a dress, jeans, shirts, skirts, and a sweater. In addition, they make stunning bridal/birthday gifts for someone special. Visit our website to see more Haori jackets and other Japanese clothing and accessories!
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