Kimono VS Yukata: Which one is better?

In recent years, there is a renewed interest in Kimono fashion among young people all around the world, but many of them are unaware of the differences between Kimono and Yukata. Through this article, we will discuss the pros and cons so that you can decide which one suit you better - Based on designs, prices, materials, and occasions to wear. Let’s get started!

Kimono: Pros

Unlimited combinations

The kimono ensemble can be broken down into its various basic parts ie. “kimono” (robe), “obi” (sash), and “zori” (thonged sandals). Each of these can come in various patterns, colors, and materials that give completely different vibes. Accessories such as sensu (folding fan) and obi-dome (obi ornament) can also be used while wearing a kimono.

Can be worn as formal wear

As a formal wear for both men and women, Japanese people wear kimono on formal occasions such as weddings or tea ceremonies.

Can also be worn as every day wear

In the olden days, kimono was the daily wear and also considered the most traditional clothing in Japan. Nowadays, people rarely wear them in daily lives. However, there are still a decent amount of people who wear kimono while going shopping or attending a party, it is considered as the elegant and stylish dress you can wear on any occasions.

The size can be adjusted easily (to a certain extent)

The most important thing about Kimono is that it can be altered according to your size.  It is generally 10-15 cm longer than the Kimono wearer’s height so that it can be easily folded under the obi to appear a little shorter, that’s why it is not unusual for parents and children to wear the same kimono.

Kimono: Cons

・The cost of a complete ensemble can be very high

・Can be difficult to put on and maintain

Yukata: Pros

More affordable than kimono

As mentioned above, a kimono ensemble can be very expensive and yukata is a lot more affordable. People wear them while going out for a bath during summer; it is a light and simple substitute to the heavy kimono. A yukata set includes yukata, obi, and zori. However, if you are looking for a high-quality yukata, sometimes it can cost you over 100,000 yen. Nowadays, you can get yukata with a cheaper price marketed towards the more fashionable, younger generation.

You can get rental yukata too which are readily available in Japan. Today, there are many stores which sell yukata online all around the world such as NOVMTL. Therefore, it is very easy to purchase yukata and kimono online.

Easier to wear

Unlike kimono, yukata is designed in such a way that they can be easily worn. It doesn’t require so many different layers of undergarment. There are various ways to tie your obi for styling purposes, many young people like to try it in their own way and the bow is usually placed on the lower back.

Considered as casual wear during summer

Yukata can be often seen at summer festivals; it also can be worn during all summers as casual wear. Although Yukata is originally designed to be worn after a bath, it is lightweight and breathable.  You may notice that many hotels, resorts also have beautiful collections of cute, colorful yukata and even kimono women shirts that guests can freely enjoy.

Easy care

When it comes to cleaning, it does not require any hard and heavy work, can be simply washed in the washing machine with cold water. On the other hand, kimono is difficult to wash by oneself therefore it needs to be dry-cleaned.

Yukata: Cons

・Can’t be worn on formal occasions

・Can’t be worn in cold weather

Overall, both Kimono and Yukata are beautiful and elegant; you can wear them almost anywhere and style it accordingly. For more designs and colors, check out the latest collection of kimono and yukata, feel free visit our online store!
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