What is a Kimono? How to Create a Unique Look with it?

When it comes to combining traditional fashion with contemporary style, Kimono (traditional Japanese clothes) would be a great choice. It is not only worn in Japan; it’s also adored by people from all over the world. The kimono is an adaptable and beautiful piece with the versatility and simplicity of a lightweight outfit.

What is a kimono?

Traditional Japanese kimono is one of the world’s most iconic piece of fashion. The classic kimono jacket is a traditional Japanese cloth of full length, featuring beautiful patterns and designs with captivating colors. The word ‘Kimono’ means ‘something to wear’. People wear different styles of kimono that are worn for various occasions and seasons such as weddings or tea ceremonies.

Parts of a kimono

There are various parts of a kimono listed below that guides you on how they are constructed:-

  • Fuki – Hem guard
  • Sodeguchi – Sleeve opening
  • Tomoeri – Overcollar
  • Okami – Front panel below the collar
  • Maemigoro – Front main section
  • Susomawashi – Lower lining
  • Furi – Sleeve below armhole
  • Ushiromigoro – Rear main section
  • Urari – Inner collar
  • Sode – Sleeve
  • Yuki – Sleeve length
  • Sodetsuke – Armhole seam
  • Miyatsukuchi – Opening below
  • Tamoto – Sleeve pouch
  • Eri – Collar
  • Doura – Upper lining

NOVMTL has taken elements from the traditional design and given them a modern, and wearable twist.  The Japanese Kimono fit loosely around the body. To enhance its look, you may wear an obi design belt with it.

Unique ways to wear a kimono

We wanted to take inspiration from this beautiful, and traditional piece and put a spin on it so that you can incorporate it into your everyday wardrobe. Like a standard jacket or cardigan, an haori kimono can be both dressed up and dressed down. It is its versatility that it can be worn in different ways. It is easy to wear and can instantly glam up the overall look.

Some people may think that kimono are designed for only spring and summer. However, with many layers, you can wear a kimono in winter as well.

  • Keep it casual

A kimono can add a stylish look to your outfit. If you wear an oversized and floaty design, it will give you a cool look without any effort. Keep your look simple and wear kimono over it. Your Kimono will speak up for your personality. You can pair it with shorts and a simple t-shirt in warm weather.  A pair of flat sneakers will be perfect for a complete western look.

  • Dress it up

If you are going for a special night out, wedding, dinner, etc. You can glam your look with customized kimono to get a perfect and unique look. Neutral colors work best if your kimono consists of various colors and designs. Wear it with some gorgeous heels, a simple clutch bag, and a necklace with kimono.

  • Sweet dreams

You can make your bedtime routine more gorgeous with kimono. You can wear it as a piece of lingerie. It doesn’t need any special occasion to wear your kimono robe in the bedroom with your loved one.  You can also wear it over a little T-shirt and cozy pajama bottoms for an  amazing bedtime look.  To give some fit look, tie it with a robe from the waist. In addition, don’t forget to wear a Japanese sleep mask for a restful night’s sleep.

Conclusion: - Kimono can be worn on different occasions as well as casually with different styles. There are various ways to get a unique look with it such as night look, evening party look and you can even wear it over your swimsuit. You can get a variety of vintage kimono of supreme quality from NOVMTL online store.
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