Noren: A guide for the Japanese Curtain

Have you been to Japan? If you have ever visited, you may have noticed those short curtains hanging at the entrance of local shops and restaurants. These are known as Noren.

Today, noren has gained popularity outside of Japan. People use it to decorate their living room, entrance, kitchen, office, etc.

Let’s talk about noren today and see where you can find authentic noren curtains for your home.

What is Noren?

Noren is commonly known as fabric divider that is hung in doorways, between rooms, on walls, and across windows. Noren is generally used in homes as well as public spaces to divide or separate areas. It comes in different length and width with various colors, materials, and patterns. Noren is used in many commercial places as well, such as pubs, restaurants, onsen, and sushi counters.

Most of the restaurants and pubs display the names of the business they represent. If you are running a business, you can use it show your brand as well.

Noren originated during the Heian Period, people use them to keep their houses warm because it is used to retain heat during colder weather.

Gradually, businesses use it like a guard at the entrance against bad smells, dust, dirt, and smoke. During the Edo period (1603–1868), noren at sushi shops were said to signify how good their sushi was.

The dirtier it was, the more authentic! At the time, sushi used to be fast food, often served at small stalls on the street. People would stand and quickly eat, then wipe their fingers on the curtain when they left after eating, because wet towels were not yet customary.

How to use Noren?

Nowadays, people use noren for indoor partition between corridors and different rooms. In addition, you can also use it as a curtain in your bedroom. It’s also a great idea for interior decoration. The good thing about using Noren is that you can separate your one portion into two parts to gently block people’s line of sight.

On the other hand, Noren is a thin cloth, you can use to divide the space temporarily. For instance, instead of closing your door completely, you can hang a Noren which will be good for ventilation too.

Where to Buy Noren?

If you don’t live in Japan and want to buy Noren curtains as well as Japanese clothes and accessories, checkout online stores that provide worldwide shipping services.

You can check NOVMTL’s Noren collection. These beautiful Noren curtains come in different length and materials. These designs are inspired by Japanese art, culture and their beautiful nature.

Final words

Noren is a popular and practical curtain used for both indoor and outdoor. If you're looking for some Japanese accessories and décor, check out Furoshiki: The Art of Japanese Fabric Wrapping Cloth. For more information, regarding Japanese Clothing such as Kimono, Yukata, Tabi socks, and much more, you can contact us freely.

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