Japanese Street wear Fashion: Origin, Appropriation & Influence

Japanese street wear fashion has become a popular style over the last few years. In the streets of New York, you may see street wear among stake boarders and Hip-Hop fans but now you can also find them in many places around the world.

In this article, you will know all about Japanese street wear, also the history of kimono, which is the traditional dress of Japan - the Land of the Rising Sun.

Street wear Fashion: What it is exactly?

As we just mentioned, the street wear trend is a style originated from New York in the 80s.  At the beginning, when talk about street wear fashion, you’d think about loose and comfortable clothes such as large T-shirts, jogging suits, baggy jeans, large, oversized sweatshirts, sneakers, and caps. 

The origins of Japanese Street wear

During the American occupation, millions of their soldiers settled in Japan. Therefore, Japan was strongly influenced by western culture due to the presence of these soldiers.  As a result, the culture of the US gradually intermediates with Japanese culture. This is how the new generation of young Japanese started to admire western culture and fashion style, these same young people later developed Japanese street wear fashion in their own style.

Japanese has a very unique way of dressing themselves. They sometimes would be dressed up in traditional clothing, such as haori, yukata, jinbei or Kimono, but most of the time, especially the younger generation, prefer to dress in a casual style, such as T shirts and sweaters.

You may find many classic prints in their clothing as well, such as the Great Wave of Kanagawa, a famous print by artist Hokusai. Japanese street fashion has always been one-of-a-kind, such as the very unique harajuku style, adored by many young people even celebrities all around the world.

The Japanese influence on the street wear trend worldwide

Street wear fans are increasingly adopting Japanese-influenced clothing all over the world. Even though haori and kimono were not common among other countries of the world, they have become very popular outside of Japan. In addition, sweatshirts with Japanese characters and sukhajan shirts are now part of the modern world Japanese fashion.

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