How to Elevate Your Home’s Style with Cushions?

Cushions are useful and essential home decorative items. These are usually made from different fabrics such as cotton, velvet, silk, and linen. They are like ornaments to your home furniture. These are often used in interior design and you can have different shapes, sizes, and decorative elements such as tassels, beads, and piped edges. Mostly cushion designs come in square shapes which range from 16 to 24 inches.

Many kinds of prints and patterns are available in the market. Out of these, one of the trending patterns we see is home décor with Japanese elements. These designs are greatly influenced by Japanese art and culture. Now you will be able to find a store featuring clothing, accessories and home décor inspired by Japanese culture such as NOVMTL.

Below we will discuss how you can elevate your home with cushions with Japanese elements.

If You Want to Create a Modern Look 

  • How many do you need and where to place them: In order to have a modern look, you can go for an odd number such as three or five. A few big pillows give a decent look if you want your home to look decent rather than a jumble of smaller ones.
  • Shape and size: Cushions of 18 to 24 inches are good enough to showcase its print and color. However, you can go with any size and shape of the cushion.
  • Fabric: You may choose cushions that are made of cotton and linen blends; Smooth, tightly woven fabrics would look great if you want your place to look more modern. Try to match your cushions with your art paintings on the wall and rugs.

If You Want to Have a Traditional Look 

  • How many pillows do you need and where to place them: Try putting two or four cushions and placing them on the side to look symmetrical and neat.
  • Shape and size: Choose the shape and size of your cushions according to the size of your sofa or chair. But for the eye-pleasing look, you can try pairing square pillows of 20 to 22 inches, such as a square toss cushion that covers across with another smaller square or round cushion.
  • Fabric: Velvet and silk would be the best choices for this theme. It gives your space a new look in a classic setting. At the same time, match the ambiance with a variety of patterns, colors, textures.

Tips for Picking the Right Pillows for Your Room decoration 

  • Don’t forget about texture and contrast
  • Addressing the whole room is very important. Make the space looks complete, arranged, and polished.

Conclusion: -

Cushions are decorative items. You can go with various modern, traditional or ethnic looks with cushions featuring Japanese elements according to your home décor and taste. Square toss cushion covers with bright color, great texture, and beautiful prints are the best to create a modern or traditional look.

For more information and a variety of Japanese cushions, you can contact us freely. Get a few cushions now and give your home a unique look!

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