7 Beautiful Japanese Outfits for this Christmas

Do you know how Christmas is celebrated in Japan? Considering that Japan is not a Catholic country. So, a little help.

Christmas in Japan is a non-public holiday and Japanese people celebrate mainly under the influence of western culture, since the two main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shinto, it is more likely another fun holiday.

Japanese クリスマス (this is how Christmas is written and pronounced in Japanese, comes from English) for the vast majority of Japanese people is devoid of religious content. Kurisumasu is more of a romantic character. It is also celebrated more as a family holiday and even as another Valentine's Day.

City streets, wherever possible, are decorated with Christmas trees, garlands, lanterns and lights. In many famous squares, parks, streets, in front of hotels and department stores, beautiful illuminations are placed.

Skating rinks are also open in different parks around the city. By the way, Christmas trees in Japan are mostly artificial, but they are for every taste and color!

People often ask what to wear on Christmas day. You may also have heard it–” When you look good, you feel good!” Whether you're lounging, going to a party for lunch or dinner, here are 10 beautiful Japanese Christmas outfit ideas to get you in the festive mood. 

Japanese Pine Tree special socks for Christmas

Socks featuring pine trees are one of the best options you should consider wearing on Christmas. You can get these socks for not only your friends and family but for yourself too. Why not dress yourself in Christmas theme? You can buy Christmas theme special different patterns and designs socks from Novmtl.

The unreplaceable Christmas dress

Santa Claus costume is always a big hit. You can improvise it in various costumes available in the market of Canada which gives you the holiday vibes without compromising with the trend and fashion.

Vintage traditional handcrafted Kimono

Kimono is considered a Japanese dress that is never out of fashion. An exclusive handcrafted kimono is also an appropriate and comfortable opinion for Christmas. You can also wear a Japanese obi belt on it.

Japanese traditional Red floral kimono

This is red floral kimono completely suits the occasion of the Christmas celebration. Complete this look with matching earrings and accessories, tabi socks, and a nice and comfortable pair of footwear and you are ready to go!

Foreside with flying cranes

Now, this is something really different and overwhelming. You can pair up this outfit with an outfit and boa clipped on the top of your head, an attractive belt for a subtle look.

Burgundy cotton layered two-tone dress

Another attractive option for your girls out there. It is a cotton layer two-line dress with the knee length skirt attached frilled which makes it look more stylish. You can style it with a hairband, matching heels, or boots.

The Christmas masks:

When you all are going to a Christmas party then it will be good to wear something according to the theme of the celebration which is Christmas. Therefore you can wear a Christmas mask is something that can add more grace to your outfit.


It’s time to enjoy this holiday season by wearing special Japanese kimono, yukata, tabi socks, kimono shirts, etc., and have a fun and attractive look!

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